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Flat Work Ironer Guide Tapes


Four Fabrics:

  • NOMEX for gas-fired and oil-heated ironers (above 350ºF)
  • NOMEX-blend for gas-fired ironers and economy
  • Imported Terylene mesh for "markless" ironing of table linen
  • Standard woven Polyester

Three Widths:

  • 1/2" NOMEX and Polyester
  • 5/8" NOMEX-blend and "markless" Terylene mesh
  • 3/4" Polyester

Four economy levels for standard Steam-Heated Ironers:

  • "House-brand" in 100 metre boxes
  • Premium (herringbone weave) in 100 yard boxes
  • Premium (herringbone weave) in 400 yard spools

All Polyester tapes can be melted or soldered;
All other tapes should be knotted or stapled (stapling not recommended)

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